Now that you’ve found your form, which collection is best for you? Let’s find out!

We have three unique scrub collections:

Base Collection

Our Base Collection is our most basic design (hence the name), but the style is far from basic. Focused on keeping things simple, we’ve cut out the extra details and held true to the original scrub. Not a big fan of extra pockets? No problem! The Base Collection has you covered, while still keeping things functional and comfortably fitted as you move throughout your day. If you love the cut of our Core Collection, but don’t want the added detail, our Base Collection is for you!

Core Collection

Our Core Collection feels like pulling on your favourite, familiar set of scrubs - but better. Designed with the same classic cut as the Base Collection, the Core Collection has extra details to complement your form. With a straight leg bottom and a looser fit v-neck top, formation’s Core Collection pieces provide a great, functional fit. We’ve kept this collection simple and classic, while still maintaining the everyday performance you need from your scrubs.

Stratus Collection

Our Stratus Collection designed with a more athletic cut for healthcare workers on the go! Created with a less traditional take on the medical scrub, additional details in the stitching and cuffs, give these scrubs a more modern feel and can easily take you to and from the job. We’ve added functionality by making room for 11 pockets, including a transformational, first of its kind, 4-in-1 convertible pocket and sleeve pocket - to give you even more nooks and crannies for the important tools you carry with you both on the day and night shift.

Want to see more? Shop our website to find which collection is right for you!

We got this,

- the formation team

July 29, 2022 — Stephanie Ahlborn