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who we are

formation is here to support you both on and off the job. Our scrubs are the foundational pieces designed to fit how you want and function how you need. But we’re more than just scrubs. Like a rock formation, the healthcare space is only as strong as its individual practitioners. The mental wellness of our industry is at an all time low, and formation is here to help change that.


our library

our scrubs support you physically and our library supports you mentally. A carefully curated collection of resources to help you show up as your best self both on and off the clock.


progress notes

Subject Line: The 2022 CWIM Conference 👩‍⚕️

Last week, the formation team travelled to Victoria, British Columbia to attend the annual
Canadian Women in Medicine (CWIM) Conference, a landmark event for thousands of women
in medicine. Now in its fifth year, the CWIM Conference was created in order to provide
additional support to women physicians throughout the year by way of advocacy, mentorship,
and social/charitable events.
Offered to attendees both in person and virtually, the conference included onsite workshops &
events led by prominent female physicians from all over the country.
As an event sponsor, the formation team arrived with an interactive exhibitor booth for attendees
to visit, learn more about the brand, and have the opportunity to find their form. We brought
countless scrub sizes, forms, and collections, as well as scrub caps and masks for attendees to
view or purchase.
For interested members, the formation team was taking custom measurements and matching
members to their perfect scrub form and size. Attendees could then use our custom change
room to try on the scrubs, decide which style they prefer, and place orders to be delivered to
their home.
We gained such valuable insight from the CWIM attendees, and were happy to help so many
women find their form.
Our team had such a great time meeting so many of you, looking forward to 2023!
We got this,
- the formation team

formation’s Pay it Forward Program

Driven to be a solution in a chaotic world, Dr. Dundas founded formation to provide supportive resources for health care workers to do their jobs and feel appreciated and honoured by what they wear, by each other, and by their community.

The pandemic has caused a mental health crisis among our healthcare workers. Something as small as a thank you from a community member can turn their days around - but they deserve so much more than that.

Enter formation’s pay it forward program.


formation’s pay it forward program facilitates the purchase of a pair of scrubs for a healthcare worker. Just like finding out at the drive-through window that a kind person ahead of you has paid for your meal, a healthcare worker will be surprised when at the formation online checkout with a message that lets them know that someone has already paid for their set of scrubs.


The program allows individuals, businesses, or organizations to gift scrubs without needing to purchase their own pair - though we’re confident that even non-healthcare workers will love the products! Orders are selected at random for the gifted scrubs. A customer can also decline the gifted scrubs, putting them back into the pool for someone else to receive. The cost of the scrubs are covered by generous sponsors and by collecting and pooling small donations from customers through our website at checkout.


Our hope is that this kind gesture by community members and customers will bring a smile and moment of joy to our health care workers who have been working tirelessly on the frontlines.


We encourage all customers to consider donating to the Pay it Forward Program to support our efforts to give back to our healthcare workers. If you are interested in becoming a Pay It Forward sponsor, or to learn more about how you can make a long-term community investment in our healthcare workers, please get in touch at


In addition to formation’s Pay it Forward program, our website has a curated library of supportive resources that healthcare workers can access any time they need it. These resources include articles, videos and podcasts that give advice on topics such as burnout, wellness and more. Our library also has links to supportive programs for healthcare workers who need support.


If you or anyone in the healthcare industry is struggling with their mental health, please visit our library to find resources that can help.


We got this,


- the formation team

New Website Coming Soon!

Coming Soon…⏰


The formation team is thrilled to announce the launch of our brand NEW website that will be going live this June!


Our new and improved website will now include customer reviews, a pay it forward function, and will allow customers who have already found their form to ‘shop their form’ and discover new colour combinations.


In honour of our upcoming launch, we would like to reintroduce ourselves.


Born during a global pandemic, started out of necessity and built around community, formation is a health care lifestyle brand created by Dr. Kathryn Dundas, a fourth generation Canadian physician. Driven to be a solution in a chaotic world, Dr. Dundas founded formation with the goal of providing supportive resources - including scrubs - for health care workers to power them through their day.


In addition to helping our community find their form, the formation library provides a curated library of resources to support your mental and emotional wellness. This will be regularly updated with upcoming industry events, a collection of articles, videos, and books, as well as a list of available mental health resources. To further support our community, formation commits to donating 1% of all proceeds to mental health programs and prevention of violence initiatives for healthcare workers.


We are proud to manufacture our products in a Canadian factory where workers are paid above a living wage and provided with medical and dental benefits. Our production process ensures we’re using as little waste as possible, including creating products out of fabric scraps.


You might notice a few new products in the shop, including a newly designed Scrub Cap, Low Rise Scrub Pants, and Long Sleeve Scrub Top.


We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to enhance our page, and we can’t wait to share it with you!


We got this,


- the formation team