who we are

Our Team

born during a global pandemic, started out of necessity, and built around community, formation is a health care lifestyle brand created by Dr. Kathryn Dundas, a fourth-generation Canadian physician. understanding the complexities of what health care workers experience in a day, Dr. Dundas set out to create an inclusive scrubs company to serve her community, but quickly realized health care workers needed so much more than just a fantastic set of scrubs. 


driven to be a solution in a chaotic world, Dr. Dundas founded formation with the goal of providing supportive resources—including scrubs—for health care workers to power them through their day with confidence, comfort, style, and function. formation believes in honouring all forms and supporting the mental health of our community.


the name formation comes from Dr. Dundas's infatuation with rocks and crystals. a firm believer in the power of earth’s beautiful minerals, Dr. Dundas sees the great parallels between rocks and health care workers: individually they might be strong, but brought together in formation they are even stronger.


formation. we got this.

formation’s mission
providing supportive resources for health care workers to do their jobs while feeling appreciated and honoured by what they wear, by each other, and by their community.

formation’s vision
formation is an inclusive health care lifestyle brand that’s creating a paradigm shift within medical culture and changing the support structures for the health care community.

ethically made in Canada with love
we are proud to manufacture our products in a Canadian factory where workers are paid a living wage and provided with medical and dental benefits. our production process ensures we’re using as little waste as possible, including creating products out of fabric scraps. got questions about how our products are made? don’t hesitate to reach out: hello@myformation.ca.

created to honour all forms
we know that no two bodies are the same, and we believe your scrubs should be designed to fit your unique body type. our gender-neutral scrubs are created around six different forms all inspired by our community and named for coordinating rock formations. 

if you find that one of our forms isn’t quite right for you, we will happily customize it for you.

meet our founder

Dr. Kathryn Dundas

Kathryn is a fourth-generation medical doctor living in Calgary, Canada. to her, medicine is an art form. she views the healing arts as a way to combine evidence-based integrative medical care alongside traditional medicine. her creativity also expands beyond medicine to artistic creative outlets, including quilting and a love of self-expression through fashion (she’s a big fan of the classic dvf wrap dress).