Born during a global pandemic, started out of necessity, and built around community, formation is a health care lifestyle brand created by Dr. Kathryn Dundas, a fourth generation Canadian physician. Understanding the complexities of what health care workers experience in a day, Dr. Dundas set out to create an inclusive scrubs company to serve her community, but quickly realized health care workers needed so much more than just a fantastic set of scrubs. 

Driven to be a solution in a chaotic world, Dr. Dundas founded formation with the goal of providing supportive resources—including scrubs—for health care workers to power them through their day with confidence, comfort, style, and function. formation believes in honouring all forms and supporting the mental health of our community.

The name formation comes from Dr. Dundas’ infatuation with rocks and crystals. A firm believer in the power of earth’s beautiful minerals, Dr. Dundas sees the great parallels between rocks and health care workers: individually they might be strong, but brought together in formation they are even stronger.

We got this. We are formation.