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created to honour all forms.

we know everyone is different. no two bodies are the exact same, and your scrubs should be designed to fit your form. we encourage you to embrace your body exactly as it is—because our bodies are pretty amazing—and find the form that’s right for your unique needs and makes you feel good and comfortable, both on and off the job.

our gender-neutral scrubs are created around six different forms all inspired by our community and named for corresponding rock formations.

you can mix and match your forms. 

here are some examples.


our forms

wave form

named for the wave rock formations found in Arizona, USA, our wave form is created with the more curvy, bold, and shapely form in mind. the wave form is roomier through the top and hips, but narrower through the waist. this form is designed to hug every beautiful convex in just the right way, while still allowing room for comfort as our forms move in different ways throughout the day.

pillar form

standing tall with a mid-sized base and top, the pillar form is for those of us who need equal room in the hips and mid-section. this form works well for those of us who have a few more curves or rounded edges to our forms.

cliff form 

like the flat-faced rock formation, our cliff form is designed for a straight build. this form doesn’t leave room for curves or shapes, and instead offers a vertical line from top to bottom. the cliff form is for those who seek a more boxy cut and should be sized up or down depending on the desired fit.

butte form

you’ll find buttes in the more arid regions of the world and you can’t miss these bold, strong, impressive formations. the butte form highlights the natural convex and curves of the body and leaves generous space for those who seek a looser fit. the butte form is cut with a muscular and/or rounded form in mind. 

arbol form

the arbol form is shaped wider up top and narrower on the bottom. this form is great for those of us who might need a little extra space in the shoulders and prefer a taper lower down. 

bespoke form

bespoke, meaning custom-made, is designed to fit the unique form. this form is for those who are looking to custom fit their scrubs to fit their individual shape. 

 size guide

our size guide will help you further determine which form and size combination is best for your unique and beautiful form. view size guide here.