pay it forward

 Our health care workers aren’t alright

Driven to be a solution in a chaotic world, Dr. Dundas founded formation to provide supportive resources for health care workers to do their jobs and feel appreciated and honoured by what they wear, by each other, and by their community.

A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, our health care workers are facing their own mental health crisis. Something as small as a thank you from a community member can turn their days around—but they deserve so much more than that.



Enter formation’s pay it forward program

formation’s pay it forward program facilitates the purchase of a pair of scrubs for a health care worker. Just like finding out at the drive-through window that the kind soul ahead of you has bought your meal, a health care worker will be surprised at the checkout on our website with a message that lets them know someone has already paid for their set of scrubs.

The program allows  individuals, businesses, or organizations to gift the scrubs without needing to purchase their own pair—though we’re confident that even non-health care workers will love the products! Orders by customers are selected at random for the gifted scrubs. A customer can decline the gifted scrubs, putting them back into the pool for someone else to receive. The cost of the scrubs are covered by generous sponsors and by collecting and pooling small donations from customers through our website at checkout.

Our hope is that this kind gesture by community members and customers will bring a smile and moment of joy to our health care workers who have been working tirelessly on the frontlines. View more info here.

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If you are interested in becoming a Pay It Forward sponsor, or learning more about how you can make a long-term community investment in our health care workers, please get in touch at