The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the health care industry. 

We’ve witnessed trauma and tragedy, glimmers of hope and joy, and when the time is right all of us will have stories to tell about the miracles we performed to save patients’ lives.

The pandemic is going to leave a lasting impact on the mental health and wellbeing of healthcare workers worldwide. At formation, we’re more than just a scrubs company. Part of our mission is to provide resources and tools to our community that focus on improving mental wellbeing. Like a rock formation, we are stronger together—especially when we support one another and are in turn supported by our communities. 

We’ve compiled (and will continue to compile) mental health resources for our community. We encourage you to check out these events, articles, and videos, for helpful tools and resources to support your mental health:

Event: Understory - Aftermath
This is an “I’m done with the pandemic” burnout course for women docs. One-month Mainpro+ CME accredited narrative medicine and life coaching course.

Next session begins May 31.

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Event: Alberta Doctors - Now is the Time to Practice a Just Culture in Healthcare
The concept of a Just Culture in healthcare has been described for over 20 years, but still has not been implemented universally or consistently. The session will explore what a Just Culture is and what it looks like. 

Session takes place May 17.

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Video: I’m Tired of the Pandemic
Short, yet very relatable video.

Watch it here

Article: Physicians and the Midlife Dip by Beverly Joyce, MD 
The midlife “slump,” “crisis,” or “malaise” phenomenon is actually something that has been studied and written about a lot in the last 40+ years. The article digs into how the midlife dip affects the medical industry.

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When formation’s website launches soon, we will have an entire section dedicated to mental health resources available at no cost to our community. Until then, we encourage you to share this email, invite your colleagues, friends, and family to sign-up for our email list and connect with us if you have mental health resources, events, or CMEs, you’d like us to share.

Stay safe. Be well.
We got this.

- The formation team

April 16, 2021 — my formation