As a health care worker, your days are varied and demanding. Running clinics, compassionately dealing with patients, handling emergencies—you’re constantly tackling what gets thrown your way. 

The clothes you wear to work need to support the actions you take everyday to keep our society moving. Comfort, fit, and function are crucial to you feeling and looking your best, while also ensuring you stay safe on the job.

formation scrubs were designed by a physician who understands the physical, emotional, and mental demands of our modern day health care responsibilities. The scrubs of 10 years ago don’t work anymore in this rapidly changing industry. Today’s health care workers are unique, and their scrubs need to reflect that.

The formation production team is hard at work in Vancouver, Canada, creating a new type of scrub—one that is inclusive and that takes into consideration the modern health care worker’s preferences. Unlike traditional scrubs, our gender-neutral pieces will come in five different body shapes, forms, and in petite to plus sizes. You’ll also have the option to further customize an item to find that perfect fit. Careful consideration has been given to the details of each piece, right down to the placement of pockets and transformational features. We’re aiming to help transform and shift medical culture all while adding features that will transform your scrubs to suit what you do daily.

We’re extremely proud of the Canadian and ethically-made products that are in creation. You can feel confident knowing your scrubs were made by our production team who is paid a living wage and receive medical and dental benefits. Keep your eyes on our social media channels for sneak peeks of our production team hard at work.

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- The formation Team
April 23, 2021 — my formation