This week we’d like to introduce you to Jason—a RN and business owner based in Calgary, Alberta. He founded a clinic and training organization in the self-care, health vitality, and beauty space. When he isn’t seeing patients or working on this business, you’ll find him out in the rocky mountains snowboarding, hiking, or biking. 

We wanted to share more about what Jason does, what he’s passionate about, and how he’s been managing through the pandemic, so we sat down for a virtual interview with him:

formation: Why health care?

Jason: I had wanted to become a physician since the day my parents purchased me a Fisher Price medical doctor kit when I was about 3 or 4 years old. I started pre-med in university and realized that being a physician wasn’t the best fit, but I still knew that healthcare was where I needed to land. I found that nursing was the route that allowed me to be in healthcare but provided more opportunities for different avenues—delivery of care, community, business of healthcare, and science of healthcare. 

f: Feelings on COVID + the pandemic?

J: Our team’s “a-ha moment” happened during COVID where we realized that the care we provide at our clinic affected not just the external cosmetic of our patients, but also their mental health and spirituality. Our clients have a really great connection with our team—this kind of connection can sometimes be difficult to find in the public healthcare system.

When the pandemic hit, our clinics were able to be a safe space for so many of our patients to be able to come in and connect with our team. Where social distancing and isolation became the norm, we were sometimes the only other place patients would leave the security of their homes to receive “close contact” services. We helped people realize the connection that caring for themselves was a form of continuing positive health choices, so our mantra evolved into “self care is healthcare”.

The good news is that we are almost out of the worst parts of this pandemic, but we all need to continue staying safe, strong, and healthy, and keep sick people out of the acute care system. I’m so excited to see how many people are jumping to get their vaccines! Looking forward to a summer where I can see my friends and family and feel safe without the stress or pressure of exposing someone to the virus. 

f: Let’s talk about mental health for health care workers—what can the community do to support?

J: The work we do as caregivers, in my opinion, is an exchange of energy. As caregivers, we put our patients first and we are the worst for taking the time to focus some of that energy we are so willing to give, on ourselves.

I believe that neither our team, nor myself can be fully engaged caregivers if we first don’t take care of ourselves. We more often than not fail to recognize this and it’s always great to have others remind us in a caring and empathetic way.

For me personally last year, I had a few moments as a business owner and healthcare provider, where I felt helpless. 

As someone who has battled depression and anxiety for several years now, this was really scary, and there were a few very close moments that I wanted to “check out” of this world. I didn’t want to show weakness or my own stress to those that were counting on me to be the strong one at home for my family and for the team at the clinic.

As a community, we all need to look out for one another. Don’t be afraid to reach out to support someone and don’t be afraid to ask for support—battling mental health struggles is a community effort, not just a personal one.

f: Initial feelings on formations scrubs?

J: I was thrilled to be a part of the initial photoshoot! I really loved the inscriptions that are tucked away inside the scrubs. The words of encouragement are really cool and motivating. There is actually a Japanese art/belief that if you place words of positivity or negativity on a bottle of water, the water will absorb the meaning (good or bad) of those words. Our body is essentially 70- 80% water, so reading the positive words as I change into formation scrubs sets me up for a positive day to deliver our form of care—not to mention they are super comfy! 

We appreciate Jason taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us and share his thoughts and experiences over the last year and a half. Oh! And for being one superb model!

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We got this,

- the formation team

June 28, 2021 — my formation