For most health care workers, scrubs make up the majority of our workwear. For some who weren’t wearing scrubs before the pandemic, you've now found yourselves wearing them all the time, and we've heard that you'll continue to wear them going forward. We often wear them for 10+ hours a day or a night, pushing the clothing to the limit as we respond to the demands of our roles. But up until very recently, scrubs were not designed for the modern health care worker—they were designed for the ‘average’ man’s body.


While we can trace scrubs roots back to the medieval times. The pandemic has actually shone a light on the historical plague ‘uniforms’ as photos of doctors in flu masks from 1918 circulate around social media.

As recently as a few years ago, health care workers were hard pressed to find scrubs that actually fit. The available scrubs were ill fitting, ran on the large side, and were about as fashionable or trendy as a trash bag. While at a basic level they were functional, the clothing did very little to inspire any sort of body confidence while being worn. Innovation in the scrub space was non-existent, despite advances in fabric technology over the past few years. 

More recently companies have released products that are better suited for today’s modern health care worker. But even as we have started to see trendier scrub designs, there still remains a large gap. This is where formation shines.

Our scrubs are being produced in gender neutral sizes and shapes. We recognize that there is a great diversity of body types, and every human deserves to feel confident and comfortable in the clothing they wear day and night. formation scrubs will be available in five different shapes - allowing you to mix and match which tops and bottoms to best suit your unique body.

Stayed tuned to upcoming communications where we’ll dive into each fit & help you decide which products will meet your needs.

-The formation team

PS - We’ve had a slight delay with the timing of our pre-order as we (like many other companies!) navigate the ongoing supply chain issues as a result of the pandemic. Continue to keep an eye on our social media and emails—we promise an announcement is coming soon!

May 14, 2021 — my formation